About us


Winland Foods

We are a new company made up of serious foodies with long histories in the food and beverage industry. Backed by Investindustrial, one of Europe’s leading independent investment groups, Winland Foods focuses on food manufacturing in the Meal Preparation category. We specialize in pasta, sauces, syrups, dressings, jams and jellies, pie fillings, pita chips, dry dinners, dry baking ingredients, plant-based protein and more. Our product offerings range from consumer-loved brands to custom private label solutions across retail and food away from home channels.


To be exceptional from
the land to the table

We provide a high-quality food experience of exceptional value that exceeds consumer expectations. We recognize the importance of making a positive impact on the world around us and maintain
a steadfast commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in all aspects of our network. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our employees and customers and strive
to consistently exceed industry standards in quality across
our value chain.

Our Mission

At Winland Foods we strive to WIN:  the minds of our customers, the hearts of our consumers, the respect of our suppliers and the loyalty of our employees.

Our Vision

Through a shared commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to being the first choice for our employees, consumers, customers, and business partners, while being responsible stewards of the environment and our communities.

Our Values

• Commitment to Excellence
• Quality
• Integrity
• Respect
• Collaboration

The Winland Way

I am excited and proud to introduce you to Winland Foods – a leading food manufacturer dedicated to being the first choice for our customers, employees, and business partners. At our core, we believe that everyone deserves access to delicious, high-quality, and nutritious food that doesn't break the bank. 

We're passionate about building strong partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and communities. Respect, integrity, and working together with honesty and transparency are important to us. We believe that treating people right is the foundation for any successful business. 

We're committed to doing our part to help the environment. We invest in our sites and communities, source our ingredients responsibly, and work hard to minimize waste and water usage. 

As CEO, I'm honored to lead a company that's making a positive impact. We believe that good food is essential for a healthy, happy, and sustainable future, and we're dedicated to doing our part to make that future a reality. 

We welcome you to Winland Foods! 

Eric Beringause