Red Sauces

Red Sauces,
the way you like it

Winland is a leading private label supplier of red sauces with deep category knowledge and proven expertise. We have been making real, authentic Texan salsa since the early 1900s.

Red Sauce Capabilities

Our expansive footprint enables us to produce an impressive range of tomato-based products, including salsa, premium pasta sauces, picante, taco sauces and more.  

We service retail, food away from home and offer co-manufacturing through our footprint of 3 plants, 2 in the US and 1 in Canada.  

On-Site Roasting capabilities and our small batch cooking process further lend to control over duration and intensity of desired pepper flavors. Our in-house dicing of fresh ingredients also allows for custom vegetable cut preparation. Using the highest quality, freshly sourced ingredients ensure our products taste fresh and delicious at your home or on-the-go. 

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Below are some of the container types and sizes on offer:
·      Jars: 7.5 oz – 32 oz
·      Bottles: Half gallon and
·      PET Jars: 38 oz