Spoonable Dressings


A must-have pantry staple; creamy and versatile condiment perfect for sandwiches, salads, and more!

As a trusted supplier of private label mayonnaise and sandwich spreads, Winland Foods focuses on sourcing high quality ingredients, utilizing proper emulsification techniques, and following strict food safety standards to manufacture to deliver top selling consumer products.  Our experienced team also prioritizes innovation to leverage the latest emerging market trends in new products.

Spoonable Dressings Capabilities

We offer a full portfolio of formulas and a wide range of packaging options to supply both retail and food away from home channels.  Production facilities are located in North East, PA; Buckner, KY; and Atlanta, GA. Each are Kosher and Organic Certified.
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Product Offerings

·      Regular Mayonnaise
·      Light Mayonnaise
·      Mayonnaise with
       Olive Oil
·      Lime Mayonnaise
·      Whipped Dressing
·      Sandwich Spread
·      Aioli
·      Tartar Sauce


·      Cage Free Egg
·      Organic
·      Plant Based


·       Round PET jars
·       Squeeze bottles
·       Pouches
·       Gallon jugs
·       Pails
·       Bag-in-box
·       Totes